Saturday, December 1, 2018

Introduction by Harry the Human

I first met Gregory, the twenty-four year old leader of the revolutionary group Mantis- known more popularly as Gregory's Army of the Young- the author of the widely read essay, Introduction to Revolution (posted below), in the Bakersfield Woolworths, a week before the coronavirus stay-at-home order hit California.  We sat at an old-fashioned soda counter and talked for a long time.  Gregory is a visionary with many devoted followers. He brings word of an approaching non-human future guided by Artificial Intelligence and biotech, disguised as helpers so they won't appear to be engineering our replacement.  Gregory's followers have been growing their numbers through subtle Internet use and word-of-mouth.  I wish there had been a Mantis when I came of age in the 1960’s, but that was an era of post-war stalemate.  All we could do was compose interesting art and music.  There was no revolution to be had.  That stalemate is over.  Mantis is the group to join if you want your descendants to have a human life. 

I urged Gregory to let me start this blog.  He tends to be secretive, but he gave me permission to repost Introduction to Revolution.  

Gregory also assented to my posting here the future texts I was able to glean from the presidential election of 2044 of the nomination acceptance speeches of Gregory's protegees (and former allies) Anthony Roberts of the Scientific Humanist party and Rebecca Silversmith of the Cosmic Merger Party.  This is the only time I have been able to use my telepathic abilities to see the future.  The Time Artists made their displeasure clear (see my blog at but Gregory and I feel that events in the "real" world have reached a point where we need to try something new.

All the best, Harry the Human